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Influence Points

In this server, regular activities such as PKing, skilling, slayer, bossing, etc. all earn you a core currency called the Influence Point, abbreviated "IP". There are IP stores that sell many valuable and unique items, including many customs. Some customs include the charm magnet (automatically picks up charms from monsters) and the Leaf-bladed sword, a weapon that deals incredible damage to slayer monsters!

Achievment System

Diverity offers over 80 achievements to unlock. Unlocking an achievement grants a certain amount of achievement points, and one achievement coin for every 10 achievement points you earn. Achievement coins can be spent in a store. Certain achievements also grant you special titles to use on the ::yell channel!

Daily Achievments

Daily achievements consist of many categories and each category can be completed once per day. Every category completed grants coins, achievement points, and during certain events, bonus items. When any 5 categories are completed, a daily achievement chest is rewarded, which contains IP, unique crafting materials, as well as a chance at auras and other rare items like the recipe item for the glacial whip and certain premium items.

Item Crafting

There are a lot of custom items in Diverity that fit well in the context of RSPS. Most of these items are crafted out of more familiar items - for example, to craft a gilded whip, you'll need an abyssal whip, dragonstones, and mystic shards (from daily achievements). To craft an item, you need the recipe item and the required materials. Some recipes are permanent (like aura recipes), and some are one-use (equipment recipes). Recipes come from various sources - some come from the Vote Point store, some come from the IP store, some come from monster drops, etc. Can you hunt down the recipe and materials to make your dream weapon?

Server Events

The server occasionally spawns a number of different kinds of events. These events scale difficulty and volume with the amount of players that attend the event (or, in certain cases, total players online), and after the event concludes, ALL participants receive rewards depending on their contribution level (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum). The scaling is designed in such a way that all participants can get a gold-level contribution.


What's a server without a dungeon system? Diverity has its own dungeoneering system that was made (in a couple days) to be better than that of SoulSplit. The experience scales up as your Dungeoneering level gets higher, and you unlock new floors. There are currently 4 floors, each with a pre-designated party size.


PKing is one of my favorite aspects of RSPS, especially when it isn't just arranged fighting. There are high-value resources in the Wilderness, such as Frost/Mithril dragons (they drop Frostbite/Hailstorm dagger) and bosses with incredible drops (Bork drops corrupt Vesta and hand cannon), and if you want to obtain these drops, you might just become prey for the PKers out there.

Whether you're familiar with F2P PKing or not, there is an F2P PK zone open that only allows F2P items, prayers, and magics. This means no claws, no curses, no super potions, no ancients, not even monkfish! The only abnormality is mystic robes and wave spells - F2P mages were severely underpowered, so they are allowed to use mystic and wave spells to compensate. Corrupt dragon weapons/armor (chaos elemental drop) as well as gravite weapons (F2P PKP store) are allowed in this zone.

Runes & Rune Points

Is your bank bursting with excess Bandos and Torva? Never fear, the rune point exchange is here! You can perform this ONE-WAY trade of your valuable items to rune points, which you can spend on powerful runes. These runes, once applied to a rune page, permanently buff your character and give you bonuses such as magic damage %, lifesteal %, defense, attack, and even strength and prayer.

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